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Back Pain

Are you part of the majority of adults who are living with back pain?

Neck Pain

Is neck pain bothering your daily routine?

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are dangerous for your spinal health, and you should get an exam by a chiropractor as soon as possible after an accident.


Headaches are easily diagnosed and treated using chiropractic techniques.


Sciatica is a symptom that indicates there are other issues to be dealt with. Your Sugar Land chiropractor can help with this.

Work Injuries

Work injuries can be scary and unpredictable. Get help from your chiropractor so you have honest guidance.

Disc Pain

If you are suffering with disc pain, you may benefit from having a chiropractic exam to diagnose what exactly is causing the pain.

Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves are scary and painful. Chiropractic can help put your mind at ease, and start to ease the pain as well.


Sugar Land Chiropractor, Dr. Steve Harris, is ready to serve you and your family with any pain issues you might have.

Chiropractor Sugar Land

Sugar Land Health Center

Dr. Steve Harris, DC, invites you to our chiropractic office located at 3425 Hwy 6 Suite 101, in Sugar Land, TX 77478.

“Put your pain in the hands of experience!”


chiropractor sugar land HomeChiropractic care can bring relief to patients living in pain, or with any other symptoms and our chiropractors can explain how to relieve your pain and suffering. You may be surprised to learn just how much chiropractors can change your life. Dr. Steve Harris and his team at Sugarland Health Center can explain how the natural healing techniques can help you.

We have treated over 11,000 patients who have suffered from a wide variety of conditions. We use the most modern techniques that are available and we use only the ones that will help you get the optimal results. Therefore, in order to get a better idea of what will benefit you, Dr. Harris would personally like to invite you in for a FREE Exam and Consultation.


Chiropractors typically use many types of techniques designed to align the spine into its proper position. When the spine is returned to its natural position, there are many benefits that can result, whether it is an alleviation of the pain in the neck, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, back, or arms. In addition, if you suffer from a herniated disc or pinched nerve, then our chiropractor techniques can help you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that problems are isolated, because a problem in one part of the body can affect other parts of the body.

Our Chiropractor Sugar Land also desires to have the rest of the family maintain proper health. We have treated the elderly, children, infants and we can even advise expectant mothers. We also can help alleviate such diseases as sciatica, arthritis, Fibromyalgia and even Carpal tunnel syndrome.

And if you have any other issues, such dizziness, numbness, or tingling, then we can help work though these issue. You may be surprised to also learn that we can help with digestive, breathing issues and even migraine headaches. If you are seeking to lose weight or eat healthier, then our chiropractors will advise on the best ways to do so. We will provide access the best nutritional supplements and craft a nutritional plan that will help you on your way to better health.

We also make sure to teach you certain exercises that will help you in the comfort of your own home, but during your appointment, we also use techniques that are not only gentle, but effective.


Sugarland has held the title of the ‘Healthiest City in Texas’ and we would like to think that our efforts have helped to contribute to this. If you live in Sugarland or the surrounding areas, then let our Chiropractor Sugar Land, Dr. Steve Harris, show you just what he can do for you.