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Back Pain

Are you part of the majority of adults who are living with back pain?

Neck Pain

Is neck pain bothering your daily routine?

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are dangerous for your spinal health, and you should get an exam by a chiropractor as soon as possible after an accident.


Headaches are easily diagnosed and treated using chiropractic techniques.


Sciatica is a symptom that indicates there are other issues to be dealt with. Your Sugar Land chiropractor can help with this.

Work Injuries

Work injuries can be scary and unpredictable. Get help from your chiropractor so you have honest guidance.

Disc Pain

If you are suffering with disc pain, you may benefit from having a chiropractic exam to diagnose what exactly is causing the pain.

Pinched Nerve

Don't let a pinched nerve sit and fester within your body. Instead, you can rise above and have this condition cured for good!


Sugar Land Chiropractor, Dr. Steve Harris, is ready to serve you and your family with any pain issues you might have.

Dr. Steve Harris, the chiropractor Sugar Land TX trusts, welcomes you to Sugar Land Health Center.

Our location is at 3425 Hwy 6 Suite 101, in Sugar Land, TX 77478.

Call to schedule an appointment with the expert staff and doctor here. We cannot wait to see you, because then we are one step closer to changing your life. Our goal is to reach all people of Sugar Land to reinstate better posture, better weight management, better health and THUS, better lives through chiropractic. So please, if you are living with pain or discomfort, please do not wait! We are confident that any ailment you have is one we can service with ease and with efficacy through chiropractic care.


sugar land chiropractorWho are you, and what is your problem?

Do you have back pain Sugar Land? Are you experiencing neck pain Sugar Land? We are interested in truly getting to know our patients and what their lives are like. Why? This helps us get a better understanding of what you need and how we can help. If you lift heavy objects all day at work, we want to know. Similarly, if you labor over a desk all day in a hunched position, we need that information. If you struggle with sleeplessness, fill us in. No matter what, these little details might not SEEM relevant and they may be the missing link to solving your pain dilemma.

Are you afraid to visit the chiropractor? PLEASE don’t be!

Our chiropractic care is unparalleled in its gentleness, safety, and ease for patients. You will be shocked at how comfortable you are in our hands and in our office. We are certain of it, because it’s all we ever aimed to provide!